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Attention all TLC Drivers!!
You MUST take the Renewal Course 90 days BEFORE your license expires.

Please see requirements below:
  1. Take the TLC Driver Renewal Course
    The TLC Driver License Renewal Course is a new requirement for TLC Drivers with licenses expiring on or after January 1, 2022.
  2. Take a NYS DMV certified Defensive Driving Course if needed.
    We offer both in-person and online versions of the 6-hour Defensive Driving Course, which can reduce up to 4 points from your driving record.
  3. Pay your renewal fee online using LARS at
  4. Drug test.
    Each driver is required by the TLC to take a drug test 90 days before your TLC license expires. For more information, please visit the NYC TLC drug testing requirements page.

Price Packages

24-Hour Class

English - Spanish - Chinese
  • NYC Driver Institute Manual
  • Geography & Map Reading
  • Highways & Ulterior Roadway
  • TLC Rules & Regulations

TLC Renewal

  • TLC certified
  • In accordance with chapter 80-04 j (3)
  • Mandatory for all TLC renewal applicants
  • Languages offered: English, Spanish, Chinese & Bengali

Defensive Driving

  • State Certified 6-hour course
  • Sponsored by American Safety
  • Eligible for DMV point reduction

Unlimited Tutorial Class

  • Tutorial class
  • Unlimited training 24-hour course
  • Tutoring Exams

Wheelchair Accessible

  • In accordance and compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Includes training in sensitivity
  • Hands on equipment
  • Four-hour training class


Portable Electronic Device Education
  • In accordance with TLC chapter 80-14G(2)
  • Manual Included
  • 2-hour Training Manual

Online NY Defensive Driving Course

Up to 10% Auto insurance reduction for 3 years
  • New York DMV certified
  • Up to 10% insurance discount
  • Reduce up to 4 points from your driving record

ONLY $24.95